Antiques & memorabilia

At Belmont Coin & Jewelry you can find all things collectible. If you collect it, we will sell it. If you have an item of interest and are not sure where it came from you can bring it into our store for a free 15-minute appraisal from one of our expert researchers.

Compliment Your Home or Office With an Antique

We have a wide array of vintage items to choose from mid-century silverware sets to vivid war memorabilia, our pieces always spark conversation.
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Watch Repair

Whether you are searching to find beauty in a classic timepiece or are in need of a watch repair, we have you covered. We buy wrist and pocket watches. At Belmont Coin & Jewelry, we maintain the knowledge and tools to keep your watches ticking reliably. We carry a great selection of watches. Let us help you find the timepiece that fits you today!
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